Story of The Bicep Bridge Blaster

It was in the middle of the long and dreary winter of 2013 that I created the Bicep Bridge Blaster (otherwise known as the BBB), while nursing a back injury that I received slipping on a patch of ice. Fortunately, the injury wasn't sever, but it did take me out of the gym for a while! 

If you've ever sustained a sports injury, I'm sure you understand my frustration and impatience: I wanted to get back in the gym! Feeling somewhat depressed that I would return to the gym weaker, the cogs started to turn and I looked to create my own solution.  

The reality was that - due to financial circumstances, my injury and the inclement weather - continuing my gym membership was out of the question. But I wanted some way to sustain the gains I had seen on my favorite muscles, my biceps! 

So I had to devise a way of doing my bicep curls, without having to stand or lean forward while sitting to rest my elbow on my leg to do a curl the conventional way, which would cause me to feel pain and discomfort in my back.

At the gym there was a work out that fit the bill perfectly, the "preacher curl." But I couldn't afford that piece of equipment, not to mention it wouldn't fit in my family's New York City apartment. One day, sitting in the middle of my living room watching television, it hit me: why not create a  platform that I can suspend on a chair that would act as make shift preacher curl?

The platform that would take advantage of the natural angle created by seat and back of the chair, allowing for a slope that would isolate my biceps when I did curls.  I basically brought the preachers curl home, without breaking my back or bank account! 

And so the BBB was born! Made out of hard wood , light weight high density foam rubber, and  two 100 lbs working load vinyl coated hooks, this pieces of equipment easily attaches to most medium to low back chairs. With the BBB, I was back at it. Even though I was injured, emotionally and physically I felt great because my biceps, wrists and forearms were seeing great growth.

Check out the entire website to learn more about the BBB, and how it can help you build your biceps!